IfAÖ puts new workboat into operation

IfAÖ Arbeitsboot Faster 73CAT
The Institut für Angewandte Ökosystemforschung GmbH (IfAÖ) has put a new workboat into operation and is expanding its technology spectrum for the comprehensive processing of environmental surveys.

Now in use: the IfAÖ workboat "Faster 73CAT"

Individual adaptation to each client’s needs

Thanks to its modular design, the new Faster 73CAT workboat can be individually adapted to all survey requirements. “This enables us to react flexibly to the various wishes of our clients and guarantees the safety of our employees,” says Werner Piper, Managing Director of IfAÖ. With the latest down-scan and side-scan technology, simple underwater mapping, for example, can be implemented. At the same time, the full aluminum boat is unsinkable, capsize-proof and equipped with the latest safety technology (AIS, E-PRIB).

Overview of key services provided with the workboat:

  • environmental Surveys
  • underwater mapping
  • surveys conducted with gill nets, towing seines, electric fishing tackle, grab sampling equipment, towed underwater camera systems and scientific divers

Boot guarantees cost-effective and rapid project processing

The boat is “slip-able” and with a total length of 7.5 meters can be brought spontaneously and promptly to any survey location. Thus, the institute can guarantee a fast and cost-effective project implementation. At the same time, the boat is also available for external partners for their own Projects.

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